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課程簡介: CFA三級通關智課適應于,基礎薄弱,想要備考CFA的人群。本課程以智能學習為主,包含有基礎診斷測評,專業與考試能力評估,以及定制個性化專屬學習計劃為主,滿足不同學習習慣,讓備考更輕松助力一次通關。








課程試聽 推薦

  • 2021年CFA三級通關智播課
  • 2021年CFA三級Kaplan英文視頻
  • 2021年CFA三級IPS私播課
  • Python領跑金融實戰3.0智課體驗課


  • 基礎班-個人IPS

    • 個人IPS overview.mp4


  • Ethical and Professional Standards(講義在這里)

    • SS1_R1_M1_Code and Standards

    • SS1_R2_M1_Standard IA B

    • SS1_R2_M2_Standard IC D

    • SS1_R2_M3_Standard II

    • SS1_R2_M4_Standard IIIA B

    • SS1_R2_M5_Standard IIIC D E

    • SS1_R2_M6_Standard IV

    • SS1_R2_M7_Standard V

    • SS1_R2_M8_Standard VI

    • SS1_R2_M9_Standard VII

    • SS1_R3_1_Cases

    • SS2_R4_M1_Establishing Trust

    • SS2_R5_M1_The Asset Manager Code

    • SS2_R6_M1_GIPS overview

    • SS2_R6_M2_Compliance and data requirements

    • SS2_R6_M3_Calculation

    • SS2_R6_M4_Composites

    • SS2_R6_M5_Disclosures

    • SS2_R6_M6_Presentation and reporting

    • SS2_R6_M7_Real estate and private equity

    • SS2_R6_M8_Wrap fees and advertising

    • SS2_R6_M9_Verification and AT Reporting

    • SS2_R6_M10_Evaluating a report

  • Behavioral Finance

    • SS3_R7_M1_Traditional Finance v Behavioral Finance

    • SS3_R7_M2_Utility Theory and Prospect Theory

    • SS3_R7_M3_Implications

    • SS3_R8_M1_Cognitive Errors v Emotional Biases

    • SS3_R8_M2_Emotional Biases

    • SS3_R9_M1_Classifying Investors

    • SS3_R9_M2_Implications Clients and Their Portfolios

    • SS3_R9_M3_Implications Other

  • Capital Market Expectations

    • SS4_R10_M1_Formulating Capital Market Expectations

    • SS4_R10_M2_The Trend Rate of Growth

    • SS4_R10_M3_The Business Cycle

    • SS4_R10_M4_Monetary and Fiscal Policy

    • SS4_R11_M1_Forecasting Fixed Income Returns

    • SS4_R11_M2_Emerging Market Bond Risk

    • SS4_R11_M3_Forecasting Equity Returns

    • SS4_R11_M4_The Risk Premium Approach

    • SS4_R11_M5_Forecasting Real Estate Returns

    • SS4_R11_M6_Exchange Rate Forecasting

    • SS4_R11_M7_Volatility Forecasting

    • SS4_R11_M8_Global Portfolio Adjustments

  • Asset Allocation and Related Decisions in Portfolio Management

    • SS5_R12_M1_Investment Governance

    • SS5_R12_M2_Economic Balance Sheet

    • SS5_R12_M3_Approaches to Asset Allocation

    • SS5_R12_M4_Allocation by Asset Class or Risk Factor

    • SS5_R12_M5_Example Strategic Asset Allocation

    • SS5_R12_M6_Other Approaches and Issues

    • SS5_R13_M1_Basic MVO

    • SS5_R13_M2_Reverse Optimization Black Litterman Resampling and Other Approaches

    • SS5_R13_M3_Example

    • SS5_R13_M4_Issues for Individuals

    • SS5_R13_M5_A Risk Budgeting Approach

    • SS5_R13_M6_An ALM Approach

    • SS5_R13_M7_Goals-based ans Misecaneous Aproaches

    • SS5_R13_M8_Rebalancing policy

    • SS5_R14_1_Real World Issues

    • SS5_R14_2_Adjusting the SAA

    • SS5_R14_3_Behavioral Issues

  • Derivatives and Currency Management

    • SS6_R15_M1_Options Basics

    • SS6_R15_M2_Synthetic Positions Using Options

    • SS6_R15_M3_Covered Calls

    • SS6_R15_M4_Protective Puts

    • SS6_R15_M5_Options as a Hedge of a Short Position

    • SS6_R15_M6_Collars

    • SS6_R15_M7_Straddles

    • SS6_R15_8_Spreads

    • SS6_R15_M9_Delta and Gamma

    • SS6_R15_M10_Theta and Vega

    • SS6_R15_M11_Volatility Skew and Smile

    • SS6_R15_M12_Applications

    • SS6_R16_M1_Managing IRR—IRS FRA IRF

    • SS6_R16_M2_Managing Currency Exposure

    • SS6_R16_M3_Managing Equity Risk

    • SS6_R16_M4_Derivatives on Volatility

    • SS6_R16_M5_Derivatives in Portfolio Management

    • SS6_R17_1_Managing currency exposure

    • SS6_R17_2_Active strategies fundamentals and technical

    • SS6_R17_3_Active strategies carry and volatility trading

    • SS6_R17_4_Implementation and forwards

    • SS6_R17_5_Implementation and options

    • SS6_R17_6_More advanced implementation issues

  • Fixed-Income Portfolio Management

    • SS7_R18_1_Role of fixed income

    • SS7_R18_2_Modeling return

    • SS7_R18_3_Leverage and Tax Issues

    • SS7_R19_1_LDI Basics

    • SS7_R19_2_Managing a Duration Gap

    • SS7_R19_3_Advanced Considerations

    • SS7_R19_4_Risks

    • SS7_R19_5_Index based investing

    • SS7_R19_6_Introduction bullet ladder barbell

    • SS7_R20_M1_Introduction and Strategies for an Unchanged Curve

    • SS7_R20_M2_Strategies for Changing Yield Curves

    • SS7_R20_M3_Adjusting Convexity

    • SS7_R20_M4_Carry Trades

    • SS7_R20_M5_Determining an Optimal Strategy

    • SS7_R20_M6_Using Derivatives to Implement a Yield Curve Strategy

    • SS7_R20_M7_Using Key Rate Durations to Determine Optimal Strategy

    • SS7_R20_M8_Inter-Market Curve Strategies and Conclusion

    • SS8_R21_1_IG versus HY and measuring spread

    • SS8_R21_2_Top down and bottom up

    • SS8_R21_3_Liquidity tail and international risks

    • SS8_R21_4_Structured instruments

  • Equity Portfolio Management

    • SS9_R22_1_Equity Investment Roles

    • SS9_R22_2_Portfolio Income and Costs Shareholder Engagement Passive Active Management

    • SS9_R23_M1_Benchmarks

    • SS9_R23_M2_Approaches to Passive Investing

    • SS9_R23_M3_Tracking Error Return and Risk

    • SS10_R24_1_Fundamental vs Quantitative Approaches

    • SS10_R24_2_Types of Active Management Strategies

    • SS10_R24_3_Other Strategies

    • SS10_R24_4_Equity Investment Style Classification

    • SS10_R25_1_Building Block of Active Equity Portfolio Construction

    • SS10_R25_2_Active Share and Active Risk

    • SS10_R25_3_Allocating the Risk Budget

    • SS10_R25_4_Implicit Cost-Related Considerations in Portfolio Construction

    • SS10_R25_5_The Well-Constructed Portfolio

  • Alternative Investments for Portfolio Management

    • SS11_R26_M1_Overview of Hedge Fund Strategies

    • SS11_R26_M2_Equity Event-Driven and Relative Value Strategies

    • SS11_R26_M3_Opportunistic Specialist and Multi-Manager Strategies

    • SS11_R26_M4_Factor Models and Portfolio Impact of Hedge Funds

    • SS11_R27_M1_Role of Alternative Investments

    • SS11_R27_M2_Considerations in Allocating to Alternative Investments

    • SS11_R27_M3_Suitability Approaches Liquidity and Monitoring

  • Private Wealth Management

    • SS12_R28_M1_Investment Concerns of Private Clients and Institutions

    • SS12_R28_M2_Info and Skills Needed When Advising Private Clients

    • SS12_R28_M3_Formulating Client Goals and Evaluating Risk Tolerance

    • SS12_R28_M4_Capital Sufficiency Analysis for Client Goals

    • SS12_R28_M5_Principles of Retirement Planning

    • SS12_R28_M6_The Investment Policy Statement

    • SS12_R28_M7_Portfolio Construction

    • SS12_R28_M8_Portfolio Reporting and Review and Evaluating an Investment Program

    • SS12_R28_M9_Ethical and Compliance Considerations

    • SS12_R29_M1_Approaches to taxation

    • SS12_R29_M2_Accrual and Deferred Capital Gains Taxation

    • SS12_R29_M3_Annual Wealth and Blended Taxation

    • SS12_R29_M4_Tax Location

    • SS12_R29_M5_Aftertax Return and Risk

    • SS12_R29_M6_More Tax Alpha Strategies

    • SS12_R30_M1_Estate Planning

    • SS12_R30_M2_Estimating Core Capital

    • SS12_R30_M3_Gift vs Bequest

    • SS12_R30_M4_Other Estate Planning Techniques

    • SS12_R30_R5_Residence vs. Source Taxation

    • SS13_R31_M1_Concentrated single asset positions

    • SS13_R31_M2_Goal based and location

    • SS13_R31_M3_Strategies for common stock

    • SS13_R31_M4_Private businesses and real estate

    • SS13_R31_M5_Comprehensive example

    • SS13_R32_M1_Human and financial capital

    • SS13_R32_M2_Risks and Insurance

    • SS13_R32_M3_Life Insurance

    • SS13_R32_M4_Annuities

    • SS13_R32_M5_Comprehensive example and review

  • Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors

    • SS14_R33_M1_Overview of Institutional Investors

    • SS14_R33_M2_Pension Funds

    • SS14_R33_M3_Sovereign Wealth Funds

    • SS14_R33_M4_University Endowments and Private Foundations

    • SS14_R33_M5_Banks and Insurers

    • SS14_R33_M6_Balance Sheet Management and Investment Considerations

  • Trading, Performance Evaluation, and Manager Selection

    • SS15_R34_M1_Trade Motivations

    • SS15_R34_M2_Reference Price Benchmarks for Trade Execution

    • SS15_R34_M3_Trade Execution and Strategy Implementation

    • SS15_R34_M4_Trade Cost Measurement

    • SS15_R34_M5_Evaluating Trade Execution

    • SS15_R35_M1_Performance Evaluation

    • SS15_R35_M2_Approaches to Return Attribution

    • SS15_R35_M3_Benchmarking Investments and Managers

    • SS15_R35_M4_Performance Appraisal

    • SS15_R36_M1_Manager Selection Process

    • SS15_R36_M2_Approaches to Manager Analysis

    • SS15_R36_M3_Evaluating Managers

    • SS15_R36_M4_Manager Contracts and Fees

  • Cases in Portfolio Management and Risk Management

    • SS16_R37_M1_Managing Liquidity Risk

    • SS16_R37_M2_Addressing Liquidity Needs

    • SS16_R37_M3_Modifying Asset Allocation

    • SS16_R38_M1_Early Career Stage

    • SS16_R38_M2_Career Development Stage

    • SS16_R38_M3_Peak Accumulation Stage

    • SS16_R38_M4_Early Retirement Stage


  • 基礎班-個人IPS

    • Reading 28-1 Overview of Private Wealth Management.mp4


  • 個人IPS

    • Reading 28-1 Overview of Private Wealth Management.mp4

    • Reading 28-2 Overview of Private Wealth Management.mp4

    • Reading 28-3 Overview of Private Wealth Management.mp4

    • Reading 29-1 Taxes and Private Wealth Management in a Global Context.mp4

    • Reading 29-2 Taxes and Private Wealth Management in a Global Context.mp4

    • Reading 29-3 Taxes and Private Wealth Management in a Global Context.mp4

    • Reading 29-4 Taxes and Private Wealth Management in a Global Context.mp4

    • Reading 30-1 Estate Planning in a Global Context.mp4

    • Reading 30-2 Estate Planning in a Global Context.mp4

    • Reading 30-3 Estate Planning in a Global Context.mp4

    • Reading 30-4 Estate Planning in a Global Context.mp4

    • Reading 31-1 Concentrated Single- Asset Positions.mp4

    • Reading 31-2 Concentrated Single- Asset Positions.mp4

    • Reading 31-3 Concentrated Single- Asset Positions.mp4

    • Reading 31-4 Concentrated Single- Asset Positions.mp4

    • Reading 32-1 Risk Management for Individuals.mp4

    • Reading 32-2 Risk Management for Individuals.mp4

    • Reading 32-3 Risk Management for Individuals.mp4

    • Reading 32-4 Risk Management for Individuals.mp4

  • 個人IPS總結復習

    • 個人IPS總結復習.mp4

  • 機構IPS

    • Reading 33-1 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-2 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-3 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-4 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-5 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-6 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-7 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-8 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-9 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-10 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-11 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-12 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-13 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-14 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

    • Reading 33-15 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors.mp4

  • 機構IPS總結復習

    • 機構IPS總結復習.mp4


  • 個人IPS習題 PE1

    • 個人IPS-1.mp4

    • 個人IPS-2.mp4

    • 個人IPS-3.mp4

    • 個人IPS-4.mp4

  • 個人IPS習題 PE2

    • 個人IPS習題 PE2

  • 機構IPS習題 PE1

    • 機構IPS-1.mp4

    • 機構IPS-2.mp4

    • 機構IPS-3.mp4

  • 機構IPS習題 PE2

    • 機構IPS習題 PE2


  • 第一章 介紹

    • 1 - 安裝

    • 2 - 前導

    • 3 - 編寫第一個程序-Hello World

    • 4 - 隨堂練習

    • 5 - Python 中的函數

    • 6 - 隨堂練習

    • 7 - 一個稍微復雜的程序示例-Chaos

    • 8 - 隨堂練習和第一章總結

  • 第二十三章 獲取金融數據

    • 1 - tushare

    • 2 - pandas-datareader


  • python編程高級語法、實戰技巧講解

    • 1 - 文件和文件夾的處理

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